Storing a Car You No Longer Use

Storing a Car You No Longer Use

If you have a car that you are looking to put in car storage because you no longer drive it on a regular basis, or if you are looking to travel for an extended period of time there are some things you should do to help preserve your car’s condition.

What to Do When Using Car Storage Long Term

The first thing you will want to do is find a secure place to store your car. You will want to protect your car from the elements and be secure. A self-storage facility that offers car storage can be a good choice especially if they offer extra security measures.

Your car should be in good condition before you place it in storage. The cleaner your car is the better it will hold up over time. Wash, wax and polish your car the day you put it in storage. Be sure the tank is full and consider adding a gasoline stabilizer to the tank.

Vacuum, clean and oil the inside of your car so that everything is removed and there is no food lying around as this might attract unwanted critters.

If your car storage facility has cement floors lay some plastic sheets down as a vapor barrier. Remove the battery, clean and inspect it. You can place the battery back inside the car or leave it on a clean dry surface. If you do this you may need a float charger.

Use some lubricant on your door hinges and the hood release latch. Using lubricant can help protect these parts from moisture build-up and help prevent corrosion.

You will also want to prevent rodents and critters from getting into your engine. To do this grab some clean rags and stuff them into any openings such as the tailpipe, fresh air intake, and the engine air intake. Just don’t forget to take these out when you go to drive the car again.

If you are leaving the vehicle long term, you will want to start the car up and go for a spin every 60 days. If you will be traveling have someone do this for you. You will want to drive your car at least 30 miles each time to keep it in good condition.

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