Storage Unit Supplies Keep Your Items Safe and Organized

Storage Unit Supplies Keep Your Items Safe and Organized

You may have rented a storage unit and now you are wondering exactly how to get the most out of your storage space. You could just pack everything in there, however this can make it difficult when you go to find a specific item.

Before moving into your storage unit, it is a good idea to come up with a plan. An organized storage unit can help you find what you need easier and make it easier when you move your things out of storage.

What You Need Before You Move In To Your Storage Unit

These items can help you organize your storage items before they go into your storage unit;

  • Colored Dot Stickers
  • Two Sheets of Paper
  • Sturdy Waterproof Boxes
  • A Marker

Use the paper to come up with a plan as to where you are going to place things within your storage unit. You can then use a color-coded system. You might use pink dots for kitchen items, red dot for important papers, and green dot for items you will likely need to find easily. Place your items in sturdy, waterproof containers and then place the right colored sticker on the box.

When you get to your unit and start unloading you can place the things you are likely to need again closer to the front and large furniture pieces or items that you are not likely to need often in the back.

What You Will Need to Protect and Preserve Your Items

Your storage unit should not be in a flood plain or have leaks in the roof; however keeping everything dry is not always possible. There are some items you can purchase to help protect your items while they are in storage.

  • Plastic Sheets
  • Metal or Plastic Shelving Units
  • Soft Large Cloth Covers
  • Waterproof Containers or Boxes
  • Strong Packing Tape

What you need will depend on what type of belongings you will be keeping in your storage unit. Shelving units are a great way to keep boxes off the ground, reducing the chance of water damage. Plastic sheets are handy to throw over your shelves or plastic containers for extra protection. If you have furniture, the plastic may actually trap moisture, resulting in mold or mildew damage. It is better to use soft cloths for any furnishings you plan to keep in storage.

Re-tape your boxes and containers well as you move them in; this can deter pests from getting into your valuables. Keeping your items safe and protected from damage is important and you may think of other items you need to make sure everything remains in good condition.

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