Spring Cleaning Your Storage Unit

Spring Cleaning Your Storage Unit


If you have a storage unit you may have never thought about giving it an annual or even semi-annual cleanout. Spring is a great time to do just that. I mean why not extend your Spring Cleaning to your storage unit? This is your personal storage after all.

Spring Cleaning Your Personal Storage Unit

Much like your house a good spring cleaning of your storage unit will keep clutter under control, keep dust away and keep your items from becoming damaged. Here are a few ways you can undertake spring cleaning with your personal storage.

  • Declutter – Your needs change over the space of a year and maybe something you put in your storage unit last spring is no longer needed. This is a great excuse to go through the storage unit and donate or throw away the things you feel you will never need again.
  • Dust and Sweep – It is inevitable that dust and dirt will build up in the storage unit. You don’t want it to get so bad that it starts to build up all over your belongings. Regularly dusting and sweeping out the unit will make it easier when you take things from your unit back to your home (no excessive cleaning to be done).
  • Polish and Wax – If you have wood furniture stored away it is a good idea to care for it every now and then. Polish or wax any wood furniture that is looking dry or just needs a little extra TLC.
  • Air it Out – Since you will be in the storage unit for a few hours while you clean this is a good time to air the unit out. Pick a nice day to spring clean so you can leave the door wide open the whole time. This will help get the stale air out and freshen everything up.

Now that everything is decluttered, dusted, polished and fresh you can close your storage unit door knowing that your personal storage is good to go for another 6-12 months.

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