Short California Summer Road Trips

Short California Summer Road Trips

The weekend is here and you want to go somewhere and do something. Where do you go that you haven’t already been and doesn’t take all day to reach? When the road calls and you feel spontaneous, we came up with a few short summer road trips from the Concord, California area for you to explore with your family and friends.

30 Minutes West of Concord

On a good day, you actually can make it to San Francisco in thirty minutes; however, we’ve assumed moderate traffic and decided to send you off towards Hercules, California on the way to Point Pinole. Stop off at the Powder Keg Pub in Hercules and pick up some take out for a picnic lunch at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline.

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is home to Brazen Racing’s Annual Dirty Dozen Run and offers plenty of trails for running, walking, biking and fishing. No permits are required to fish from the pier where one can catch striped bass, perch, flounders and more.

One Hour North of Concord

Spend an hour in the car and drive North to Forestville for a leisure day of wine tasting, an active canoe ride or a little bit of both. Highway 116 takes a drastic slowdown and turns into Forestville’s downtown for a few blocks. Pull over to the side and explore the magic shop, sip on coffee, and purchase specialty foods from Kozlowaski Farms.

One and One-half Hours East of Concord

Approximately 90 minutes east, is Copper Cove Village. An unincorporated town, it can be your base camp for a weekend foothills expedition. From there you can go pan for Gold in Jamestown, take a dip at Tuttletown Recreation Area, and visit the nearby ghost town.

Two Hours South of Concord

120 miles south of Concord, will take you just outside of San Jose. If you haven’t visited Mt. Hamilton, there are a few things to do for the day or night. Begin with visiting Lick Observatory and enjoying the valley views. You can event bring a picnic lunch to enjoy. They even have nighttime visitor options with their summer series; however those tickets do sell out fast. For an active day trip, visit the Joseph D. Grant County park and chose from its 52 mile trail system. Want to drive a bit further? Henry W. Coe State park is a bit further and offers fishing, horseback riding, hiking and camping.

How did we come up with these destinations? We used GeoMidpoint’s Random Point Generator. It is fun tool to use when you feel like discovering someplace new. If you have your car in storage, take it out of car storage or grab your stored camping gear and hit the road. If you are looking for car storage in the Concord, CA area, contact Abba RV & Self Storage today.

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