Safety Tips for the 4th

Safety Tips for the 4th

The 4th of July is a popular time to head down to your storage unit, pick up your gear, and prepare for a family-oriented celebration. To make your holiday more enjoyable and less dangerous, we have compiled some safety tips to protect yourself and your family.

Pool Parties

Whether the water fun is in a pool, the beach, or a lake, play it safe.

Watch Children – Use the buddy system so everyone has a partner in the water. For children, buddies are great, but an adult should always be on watch. If there are lifeguards, obey them.

Sunscreen Matters – In Southern California, the burn time is now only a matter of minutes. Pack plenty of sunscreen, and use it often, on everyone. Ultraviolet is what causes sunburn, and it can be a threat even with moderate clouds.

Cooking Out

The 4th of July is a great day for a cookout, but the grill is a dangerous piece of equipment. These tips will help you use it wisely.

Safety Zone – Set up an area around the grill that is designated free of children, pets, and obstacles. The grill is going to be very hot, and a stumble or fall can leave a lifelong reminder. Never have the grill within 10 feet of the home or other buildings.

Igniting the Grill – Leave the lid open on the grill before it is ignited, and provide ventilation while cooking. Use chimney matches, a grill lighter, or some other extended flame when lighting.

Food Safety – Wash your hands before handling food. Refrigerate raw meats or other foods that could spoil. There is not a 5 second rule on foods that fall on the floor or ground. Contaminated foods can ruin the party for everyone who attends, so cook everything thoroughly.


Restricting firework use to professionals is the best idea. Keep in mind that all incendiary devices are dangerous, and you can avoid the most dangerous aspect of this special holiday.

Handling Fireworks – Do not hold any lit firework. Always light them on a stable surface, and move away. If your fireworks are more than a year old or have been stored in a damp place, dispose of them.

Setting the Stage – Do not ignite fireworks near the home, on the roof, or inside a vehicle. Threats from fireworks include damage to the ears, eyes, and limbs, and the potential increases in a closed or fire-prone location.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire – It is dangerous to assume that a firework will not explode, especially if it is still smoking. The best rule is to never relight a “dud,” and never handle a previously lit firework for at least 30 seconds after the smoke has stopped.

Fireworks are prohibited in all storage units, but Abba Self Storage has the perfect place for your other summertime gear. From a small place for deflated pool toys, to outdoor areas for your RV, we have storage units for every need. Contact us to reserve your unit today.

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