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    Conventiently located, frequent pricing specials, very clean. Great staff, friendly and professional. I highly recommend this business!

    Karen Davis Avatar
    Karen Davis

    Good place, very secured.

    Mark Middlekauff Avatar
    Mark Middlekauff

    Good place to store your boat

    stanley griffin Avatar
    stanley griffin

    Access, Simplicity, Cleanness, Friendliness, and helpful: are the staff.
    The facility is always clean and well-maintained. I like the raised lip on the storage floor, which traps mice. Found 2 dead in 2 yrs, Never reached my clothes/things. The Maintenance staff are very helpful!
    Good location! Quiet when I want to search the storage.

    Cheryl Simpson Avatar
    Cheryl Simpson

    The staff are on their toes always. Great facility.

    Michele L. Knowles Avatar
    Michele L. Knowles