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    cant say enough great things about ABBA storage. ive rented there for over 3 years. the facility is safe, clean, well maintained and the climant control is always on in my building. i never had a single issue with them. in fact, when ive had issues arise from my end (such as loosing a key lock, changing units, changes to auto payments, needing supplies or equipment, you name it ive done it), they have always helped me out with a focus on personal service. ive used every other major company for personal storage over the years traveling. with the others, ive always felt like another number to collect money from. but not so with ABBA storage, everyone there takes the time to listen and help. i am a loyal customer based on their service. i also wanted to give a special thanks to Derrick, who always has the answers i need and brightens my day when im on the grounds and makes me feel welcome instead of doing a chore. thank you sir! and thank you ABBA!

    Breanna Ruiter Avatar
    Breanna Ruiter

    The staff are on their toes always. Great facility.

    Michele L. Knowles Avatar
    Michele L. Knowles

    Good place, very secured.

    Mark Middlekauff Avatar
    Mark Middlekauff

    Definitely worth the $$. Very secure. Convenient Nice staff Clean. Had 0 problems with mice, but didn't keep anything in our unit mice would like. All of our paper products were untouched and had NO evidence other than a bait trap in the corner. Highly recommend!!

    Revenue Now Inc Avatar
    Revenue Now Inc

    Good place to store your boat

    stanley griffin Avatar
    stanley griffin