You May Need a Storage Unit if…

You May Need a Storage Unit if…


If you have driven around only to ask yourself, “Why are there so many self-storage unit facilities?”, you are not alone. There is a reason, though, why so many self-storage units are needed across our area. You may need a storage unit yourself, and you just don’t know it.

You May Need a Storage Unit If….

Whether you have considered using a storage unit before or you are just now wondering if there is a reason you may need a storage unit, here are some reasons other people rent storage units.

  • To reduce clutter around their home.
  • To clear and move out furnishings and boxes when selling a home.
  • A staging area in between a move.
  • A place to store paperwork.
  • Collector’s items that you don’t always need but are taking up space in a home.
  • Antique furniture that needs a protected space.
  • Office furnishings.
  • Seasonal decor and lawn equipment.
  • Sports equipment.
  • That antique car that people never thought they could own.
  • Business equipment that is too big to store at home.
  • You are getting married and your new partner doesn’t like any of your things but you are not ready to part with them.
  • You like to collect wine
  • You have an elderly family member that needs to move in with you, but you have nowhere for their belongings.
  • You are self-employed and need space to hold inventory.
  • You don’t have the space for a man cave or a ladies retreat, but you would really like one.
  • You need square footage for your business but a new office space is too expensive.

As you can see, the reasons for using self-storage vary and can be endless. With the ability to lease air-cooled spaces, small units, large units and everything in between, you can have a self-storage unit that fits your exact needs.

Do You Need a Self Storage Unit?

If you are thinking about leasing a self-storage unit, the team at Abba Self Storage can help. Our team of self-storage experts will help you explore your options so that you find the right fit. Contact us today and learn about our flexible monthly leases and our affordable storage prices.

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