Is Insurance Really Needed for Your Items in Storage?

Is Insurance Really Needed for Your Items in Storage?

When it comes to having items in storage you may already considered them covered underneath your home or renters’ insurance. However, many insurance companies no longer cover your items once they leave your residence. This can present a problem if you have items in storage that are damaged or stolen.

Insuring Your Items in Storage

The first thing you will want to do is speak to your current insurance agent. Find out if items not located at your main residence are covered. Most insurance agencies will suggest that you have extra coverage for these items.

This extra coverage may be what they call storage insurance. Storage insurance is for the exact purpose of protecting personal items of value held in a storage facility. This insurance will cover your items in storage in case of natural disasters, damage or theft.

Basically, when it comes to your items in storage the best thing to do is check with your insurance agency. If it is allowed, go ahead and add any valuables to your current insurance coverage and if your insurance agent won’t allow you to cover things that are stored in off-site storage, you will need to look into getting the extra coverage. You can check with the storage facility you will be using as they may be able to offer insurance for items that are not listed on your homeowners or renters insurance. Otherwise you’ll need to find coverage from an outside agency.

Need to Put Your Items in Storage?

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