Get Ready for Summer with our Time Saving Tips

Get Ready for Summer with our Time Saving Tips

There is a lot to do in Concord this Summer, but many of us forget to prepare for it as well. Sure, this means shaping up for swimsuit weather, but it also means getting the home and property ready for the months to come. We have put together a list of time saving ideas to assist you in making your Summer as hassle-free as possible.

Organize and Store

During the Winter, your garage or yard shed may have turned into a convenient catch-all. As the weather warms up, it’s time to move out the old, make room for the new, and discard the unnecessary. Pack up your cold weather wardrobe and seasonal items like Christmas lights. Abba Storage has air-cooled spaces available to put your unneeded Winter out of the way, as well as boxes and a rental truck get it all moved in with a single trip.

Pool Prep Checklist

Summertime is pool time, but the annual cleaning needs to be done first. You know you need the brushes and pool filters from storage, but there are a lot of other supplies and considerations as well. To save time and trips, make a checklist of everything your pool requires, and pick it all up at once. Don’t forget the floats and pool lounges so everything will be in place when the first Summer guests arrive.

Pre-Cooked Entrees

There is so much to do during the Summer months, but you can get some of it done ahead of time. A lot of main courses–and more than a few side dishes– can be prepared or even cooked now, then frozen for later use. Since the cooking is already done, you can shave hours off the meal preparation time during those long, busy months.

Grab-n-Go Road Trips

If you pack some bags with commonly used road trip supplies, getting in the car and hitting the road will be a quick and painless experience. Pack up a couple of changes of clothes for everyone, the bug repellent and sunscreen, and any toys, tools, or gadgets your family only uses while away from home. If there is room in the trunk, go ahead and store them so that all you have to add is the family and some snacks.

Vehicle Maintenance

Hot weather is hard on your vehicle, so get it ready now for the work ahead. Change the oil and engine coolant, give the interior a full detail job, treat the windshield with water repellent, and check the tread on your tires. It’s important to keep your car in top running condition year-round, but getting ready for Summer’s heatwaves can prevent seriously inconvenience on the roadside.

At Abba Self & RV Storage in Concord, CA, we make keeping your belongings safe our top priority. We can help you choose the type and size of storage unit you need, and provide you with the tools and supplies to get it here as easily as possible. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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