End of Summer Roadtrips in Northern California

End of Summer Roadtrips in Northern California

Summertime is coming to an end, and it’s time to get that last road trip underway. Northern California offers some fantastic areas to explore. Plan a journey now to see some of the most spectacular areas on your end of summer trip.

End of Summer Road Trips in Northern California

Traveling through Northern California, you can loop through half of the state and take in some of the grand sites like Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and some incredible towering redwoods. This loop will take you along the scenic and wild north coastline. These are some of the adventures awaiting you to experience.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park has cascading waterfalls and some of the most surreal beautiful soaring monoliths you will find only in this valley. The Tunnel View is one of the most legendary and photographed areas in the park but is just a small piece of this national park. Yosemite National Park covers 1,100 miles of some of the most unforgettable natural beauty.

Lake Tahoe

Majestic peaks surround the beauty of Lake Tahoe that appears as blue as topaz. The lake runs along the California-Nevada border, and it said to be the air angels breathe as it is so pure and fine. Visiting this lake will allow you to use those summer toys once more. Bring along you paddle boat, kayak, sailboat, or any other floatable water accessory to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the lake.

Burney Falls

The Burney Falls is 129-feet-tall and considered one of the most spectacular visions in the Western U.S. Northeast of Redding, California it is located in an area resembling weathered cinder cones and seems to fall out of nowhere in a fern-shaped cascade of water. The water falls down a mossy ledge and sends up gushers and shards of rainbows.


Eureka is a lively seaport town located between Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. This town is still working as a seaport where you can find fishing boats going and coming through a protected harbor. There are many 19th Century homes to view and enjoy their cultural personalities. The entire area is considered a historic landmark with its mix of culture and nature with a small village feel.

You will find great adventure at these and other outstanding locations in Northern California. Wrap up your summertime in style and enjoy great views with wonderful outdoor activities. When you return home, Abba Self Storage in Concord, CA is your solution to storing your RV, boat storage, or any other outdoor items you own. Contact us today to find out which size unit you will need for your storage needs.

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