Commercial Storage Space in Concord, CA

ABBA Self-Storage has commercial storage spaces in Concord, CA available to store anything from large machinery to small boxes. We have the largest self-storage units in the area.

Benefits of using ABBA for commercial storage
  • Large storage units, up to 800 square feet
  • Month-to-month contracts (no long-term lease required)
  • Gated secure facility with individually alarmed units
  • Large access doors and easy drive-up access
  • No property taxes or utility bills
  • Upgrade or downsize based on how much space you need
  • Easy access to Highways 4, 242, and 680

Here are a few good reasons to consider commercial storage space

Just starting out?

Starting a new business means being as economical as possible. Putting a lot of money into more space than is necessary does not make good financial sense. Commercial storage space is the perfect idea for keeping extra supplies on hand, those machines that will have only occasional use or any other extra materials.

Where to put all those documents?

Any business is going to create a lot of paperwork. While a lot of data is stored in the cloud, there is still a substantial amount of printed materials you want to keep. Many documents, brochures or signage does not have to be readily available, but they also cannot be thrown away. Keeping them in a commercial storage unit is the perfect answer. ABBA Self-Storage offers units small enough to hold a chest of drawers, or several boxes of paper that can’t be tossed.

Where to keep extra inventory?

Inventory takes up a lot of extra space. It’s necessary to keep a certain amount of items on hand to meet customer demand, but where is there a secure, safe, and convenient place to store it? ABBA Self-Storage has the perfect size commercial storage space to meet those needs. The facility is gated and has individually alarmed units. Using one of these units makes it easily accessible when more inventory needs to go into the business.

Where to warehouse inventory?

Warehousing makes good business sense. Having one central location that can handle all your commercial storage needs, allows for receiving, storing, and distributing makes better business management. One central warehouse from which to meet the demands of customers is the ideal answer to creating space so that a business can grow.

More space allows for more inventory which means customer requests are handled faster. Satisfied customers are happy customers who will return to increase business. Extra storage for seasonal items allows for getting to the products when needed and putting on display right away. No more waiting for a supplier to bring in what is required, keep it in storage, so it’s easily accessed.

Why choose a commercial storage space in Concord, CA over a standard warehouse?

Self-storage units are able to accommodate any warehouse need. You can start with a size that fits your current needs and you can scale to the size of a business. These units have more flexible terms with their month-to-month lease options than long-term warehouse leases. Self-storage units are also secure as they are in gated facilities with top-of-the-line security systems installed covering the entire area.

There are units offering up to 800 square feet, or if something smaller is needed, there are interior units and exterior options. Reserve your space today or call ABBA Self-Storage at (925) 969- 9222 and ask about available commercial storage space in Concord.