Additional Storage for Holiday Decor

Additional Storage for Holiday Decor

The holiday seasons are full of excitement and energy. Decorating for any holiday, Christmas, Halloween, or any other day of celebration you observe can be as frustrating as it is fun. Finding places to store your decorations can add stress to the putting away tasks and take up a lot of space you need for your everyday items. It doesn’t have to be this way; you can follow these tips and take the stress out of holiday decor storage.

How to Organize and Store Holiday Decor

You may feel tired out after holidays and try to put away your decorations quickly. If you take your time to store them properly, next time you decorate won’t be as hectic. Save yourself a few headaches from having to sort through your various holiday decorations and follow these simple tips.

Color Coordinate Your Storage

The different holidays throughout the year all have one or two colors that are associated with them. Store your holiday decor in bins that match those colors. All of your Christmas items can be either green or red, Halloween would work in orange, Valentine’s Day could go in pink or red storage bins. If you decorate for birthday celebrations, you can assign a memorable or favorite color to that bin and keep them all together in one area. Storing by color will allow you to quickly identify which decor is inside each bin should the containers become mixed in with other storage items.

Keep Valuables Safe and Secure

If you have any decorations that are fragile, you will want to pack them safely and securely in the storage bins. Many times storage bins can get tipped over, or are not handled as carefully as they should which could put fragile decorations at risk. There are individual boxes you can purchase to store breakable items in, or you can place them inside any smaller sized container and then place them into the larger one. Pack each piece in soft cloth or bubble wrap to protect them from falling into each other and breaking or chipping. A soft lightweight cloth placed where ever there is open space will also help keep your fragile decor more secure inside the container.

Best Storage Solution

Once you’ve organized and packed your entire holiday decor, now it’s time to store them. Abba Self & RV Storage in Concord, California has the solution to your storage needs. At Abba Self & RV Storage, you will find convenience and flexibility for all your storage size requirements. We can provide you with smaller units to safely store your holiday decor, or larger units to store your RV or boat. Contact us today to find out how to make your next holiday decor storage struggles disappear.

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